Stacer is A System Monitoring and Clean Up Utility for Ubuntu


Stacer is A System Monitoring and Clean Up Utility for Ubuntu.

Stacer is a Utility that monitors and optimise Ubuntu systems. It comes with beautifully designed minimal UI and gives a quick look about the system. Stacer can monitor and give option to optimise your system. Hers is an overview of its features:


The dashboard comes with a graphical highlights of the current LIVE utilisation of CPU, Memory and Disk. Along with it gives you a basic snapshot of important system information of a system.

System Cleaner

System cleaner section shows you cache contains, logs for apt and systems :

  • Apt Cache
  • Crash Reports
  • System Logs
  • App Cache

With a click of a button you can clean above contents and also can do a fresh system scan.


Startup Apps

Startup apps tab lists the apps that you have added in startup applications.



The list of currently running Ubuntu system services are listed in Services tab. You can manually start/stop a service.


The Uninstaller tab shows the list of packages installed and by click of an icon you can uninstall the same. Be very cautious while uninstalling a package and make sure you know what you are doing.

This sums up the overview of the Stacer app. If you are interested to give it a try, download instructions are present below.

Download and Install

Run below instructions in Ubuntu and its derivatives to install Stacer:

sudo gdebi Stacer_1.0.2_amd64.deb

Once installed, you can launch it from Dash or from System menu.

Report any issues @ GitHub.

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