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LibreOffice 5.0 Released !

The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 5.0 today after long development cycle and it is a milestone release which is available for Linux as well as Mac OS X, Windows (with Windows 10 compatibility).


Ubuntu 15.04 Vivit Vervet is Here

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is released with average set of improvements and some very firsts. There is not much of a change on the look-n-feel can be felt by the average user but this...


Unofficial Ubuntu Phone AppStore Released

With the launch of first Ubuntu Phone, there was a need of an AppStore. An unofficial AppStore for Ubuntu Phone is released. This AppStore contains hundreds of apps suitable for your Ubuntu Phone. This...


Xubuntu 14.04.2 Released

Xubuntu 14.04.2 released which is the second point release in its LTS (Long Term Support) cycle of 14.04. This release contains numerous bug fixes, changes to the UI and many more. Summary of this...


First Ubuntu Phone Aquaris E4.5 Unboxing Video

The first Ubuntu Phone Aquaris E4.5 goes on sale and its first of a kind unboxing video surfaced on YouTube. Canonical managed to put Ubuntu in a really cool device and gave all the...

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