Video Editors for Ubuntu

A guide on installations and features of best Video Editors available in Ubuntu/Linux. Here is a list of free and open-source video editors available in Ubuntu. Most of them can create and edit videos...


How to Fix Brightness Control in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has a problem with laptop display brightness. You may have already faced where the laptop brightness is very high after installation and even if using the brightness control keys, it never gets down....


Brightness Controller for Ubuntu displays

Changing laptop brightness is a bit difficult in Ubuntu. There is one application available in Ubuntu which does just that. “Brightness controller” is the only GUI based app in Ubuntu which helps to control/change...


How to install and add Clip Arts in LibreOffice

Clipart is an integral part of any Office suites. Clipart are small images used for activities while working in Office applications. In Ubuntu, LibreOffice also provides an alternative to use Clipart. How to install...


Unity Launcher Folders – Group your apps, folders, shortcuts in Ubuntu

A new package launched which helps you to organise your apps, folders etc in Unity. Named “LauncherFolders”, the debian package helps you to organise your Unity shortcuts, files, folders, apps in a customised groupings....


Using Form Controls in LibreOffice Macro

This tutorial will use the form controls such as button inside LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet and assign a macro which will fire when the button is clicked. This is a simple tutorial depicting the basics,...

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