Unity Launcher Folders – Group your apps, folders, shortcuts in Ubuntu

A new package launched which helps you to organise your apps, folders etc in Unity. Named “LauncherFolders”, the debian package helps you to organise your Unity shortcuts, files, folders, apps in a customised groupings....


Using Form Controls in LibreOffice Macro

This tutorial will use the form controls such as button inside LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet and assign a macro which will fire when the button is clicked. This is a simple tutorial depicting the basics,...


Two best diagramming softwares for Ubuntu

Microsoft Visio is a very popular diagramming software for Windows used for drawing flowcharts, network diagrams, charts etc. In Linux/Ubuntu there are two best alternatives available to Visio – Dia and yED.


LibreOffice Workbook Worksheet and Cell Processing using Macro

Spreadsheet applications like Calc consists of workbooks, worksheets and individual Cells. Many times it is required to process those using Macro to automate various tasks. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate basic processing of...


Record Desktop Screen Capture using VLC

Screen casting is a process of digital recording of computer screen output which is needed for various tasks, tutorials etc. In Ubuntu there are various video capture software available to the job. But in...


How to install Java Runtime Environment JRE in Ubuntu

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed for many Ubuntu applications such as writing and Running macros in LibreOffice. The runtime also required for web browsers to display some websites. There are many versions of...


Show and Serve Ads inside HTML5 Video

You must have seen advertisement on top of videos while playing in many tube sites including YouTube. In this tutorial we will try to do similar way of showing advertisement, messages while a video...

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