Play and Pause video in HTML5 using video tag

This tutorial will show you how to use HTML5 tag with a simple example. HTML5 standard provides a way to show video inside a browser without using any plugin (like flash). Flash plugins etc...


JavaScript variable initialization

Initialization is a very important task in all programming languages. Not initializing any variable with proper type is the root cause of many many IT application problems. This article is an experiment in JavaScript...


DFSORT – Merge two files using SORT

This tutorial will show you how to merge two files OR two sets of records using IBM DFSORT. If you want to learn the basic workings of DFSORT before going through the MERGE process,...


Setting Up DOSBOX in Ubuntu to run Turbo C

DOSBOX is a x86 architecture emulator which helps to run older DOS based programs in modern computers running Windows or Linux. It creates a layer where all DOS programs can run from its own...


How to – install in Ubuntu

In this tutorial you would learn how to install in Ubuntu system. is a free open source code editor for the web development. a) First download the installer (.deb) from the

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