Installing Apache web server in Ubuntu – Beginners step-by-step guide


Here is a complete beginner guide to install Apache web server in Ubuntu. All the steps are followed:

1.Open Terminal and run these commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2

2. Wait for the installation to finish. The installer itself would start the Apache server so that you don’t need to do it manually. The installer also add an entry to


, so that apache server would start automatically during reboot.

3. Now, to test the server is working, open your web browser and type http://localhost. If everything is fine till now, you would see a message as below with “It Works!”.

apache after install

4. Congratulations! You just installed apache webserver in Ubuntu and its working.

[Above guide is tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Edition]

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  • deepakrao

    i am novice in desktop ubuntu 15.04 can i have a web services running is yes how

    • You can. Webservices doesn’t depends on OSes. It can run in any OS like Ubuntu, Linux, WindoZe. After you install apache, create a php file in your home directory of apache and run via terminal:
      echo "world”;

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