How to Install and configure Cyberoam 24Online Client in Ubuntu


A detailed guide to install Cyberoam 24Online ISP client in Ubuntu is provided in this tutorial.

Cyberoam 24Online client is a general purpose authentication client used by many ISP providers for their client base. Most of the ISPs provides Windows setup/installations for their customers but they don’t provide the setup packages and instruction for installation.

Follow these steps to install Cyberoam 24Online ISP client in Ubuntu:

1. Download the client from your ISP provided link/ OR download it from here.

2. Unzip it.

3. Create a file in your home directory named "CyberClient.conf".

4. Put these lines in that file.

AskonExit 0
AutoLogin 0
FirstTime 1
Port 6060
SavePassword 0
User yourusername
ShowNotification 1
LiveRequestTime 180
AlreadyLoggedIn 0
VersionId 1
Version crclient1.1

Enter your DNS server name replacing above on ‘Server’ field. If you don’t know what is your DNS server, ask your Internet provider.

5. Save the file.

6. Open a terminal and browse to the location where you unzipped it.

7. Run below command:

./crclient -u

Then the program will ask for your password. Enter your password.

8. You should be connected!

Drop a comment, if you are facing problem with this setup.

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  • Jerome Miranda

    Any way to start it on computer start up

    • You can add programs to Linux startup, but as it needs the password to login, its better to do it manually.

  • Hello, I am not able to execute this. Throws this error -bash: ./crclient -u: No such file or directory. Have been trying to run it for some time now. I have found few custom scripts but they don’t seem to keep me logged in for long time.

    • Arindam Giri

      You may not be in proper directory when you ran the command. Browse to the exact directory and run the command. Typically if you have downloaded using browser Firefox/Chrome/Chromium it should be in ‘/home/[your user name]/Downloads’ directory.

      • Hara Mohan Nayak

        i followed the above instruction. it says bash: ./crclient: is a directory
        now what should i do to install the program?

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