LibreOffice Default Toolbar Survey Results

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LibreOffice default toolbar survey results are out! The short survey was conducted some days back.

Based on the survey results, the proposed toolbar is developed as below:

LibreOffice Writer Default toolbar – proposed

On the question “Do you agree with hiding of clipboard functions from the toolbar?” the results are below:

Options All Short-cut
Yes   117 (49%) 96 (53%) 19 (35%)
Yes, but keep
paste visible
39 (16%) 28 (16%) 11 (20%)
No 81 (34%) 56 (31%) 24 (44%)

And for – Do you agree with hiding the paragraph background color button in the toolbar?

Options All Toolbar
Yes 81 (34%) 44 (24%) 37 (71%)
No 138 (58%) 127 (69%) 10 (19%)
I don’t know
what you are
talking about
18 (8%) 13 (7%) 5 (10%)

And based on survey results, probably the cut-copy-paste icons would be removed from default toolbar. The changes are expected to be in LibreOffice 4.5 release. Personally I think the paste icon should be kept.

For advanced users, the toolbar always can be configured based on needs.

Read here the detailed coverage.

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