Converseen – A Batch Image Converter and Resizer

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Converseen is a free batch image conversion application available in Linux. It has features to convert, resize, rotate and flip an infinite number of images with a single click. Converseen is able to transform an entire PDF file into a bunch of images with the characteristics as per user preferences.

Converseen Feature Summary

  • Easy to use interface based on Qt framework.
  • Carry out a single or a multiple conversion.
  • Resize one or multiple images.
  • Compress images for your web pages.
  • Rotate and flip images.
  • Rename a bunch of images using a progressive number or a prefix/suffix.
  • Selecting a resampling filter to resize images.
  • Convert an entire PDF to a bunch of images.
  • Extract an image from a Windows icon file (*ico).
  • 100+ image format supported based on ImageMagick.

How to install – using Terminal

To install Converseen in Ubuntu using terminal run below commands in sequence. Enter password when prompted.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install converseen


  • Type Converseen in dash. Click the launcher icon.
  • For Gnome, go to Applications -> Graphics -> Converseen
Converseen Running in Ubuntu
Converseen Running in Ubuntu


How to uninstall

To uninstall Converseen run below commands in terminal.

sudo apt-get remove converseen

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