Read LibreOffice ODF Files in your Android Device


Open Document Format (ODF) files can be now read from android devices such as Tablets and mobiles on-the-go – A huge step for LibreOffice and The Document Foundation (TDF).

The application is created by Collabora named “LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)”.

This first release LibreOffice Viewer handles text documents, basic presentations. LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet support is primitive. More support for complex files is planned for future release.

As its beta, be carefull while using it. You can always give it a try. To install in your Tablets/Mobile device, go to Google Play Store using below link.

Google Play – LibreOffice Viewer

Bug Reports

As its a very initial BETA release, bugs are expected. Request you to report the all bugs using below links, so that it can be improved:
Report your Bugs [^]

For more details on builds/bugs reportings, visit:

LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)

LibreOffice Viewer (Beta)

Image Credits
Collabora, Google Play Store

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  • Thanks for trying the app, Brad, and sorry you had trouble with your documents. If you have time please attach them to a bug report or two so we at Collabora can investigate. We’re collecting as many crasher-docs as possible to fix the issues. We should have an updated release out later today (Thursday, EU), and are aiming for ~weekly releases going forward. Hopefully those documents will open for you before long 🙂 Bug reports:

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