overGrive – A Google Drive Desktop Client for Linux


Google Drive is a cloud service provides by Google where user can store and synchronise files between various devices. The service can be accessed by web but there was no Linux client was available until now. The Fan Club came up with a Linux client named overGrive which can be installed in Ubuntu.

However. Before you install, note that this is a close source utility and you need to pay small licence fee $4.99. You get a 15 day trial version for the free version.

overGrive Feature Summary

  • Sync Multiple Accounts
  • Auto Sync Local Files
  • Auto Sync Google Files
  • Select Google Drive Folder
  • Select Google Drive Folders to Sync
  • Convert Google Docs to Office File Formats for offline editing
  • Convert Office Files back to Google Docs formats

How to install – using Terminal

Download the deb files from below links:

Ubuntu, Debian, Mint (deb): overgrive_3.0.10_all.deb
Fedora (rpm): overgrive-3.0.10.noarch.rpm

To install overGrive in Ubuntu using terminal run below commands in sequence after reaching the download folder. Enter password when prompted.

sudo dpkg -i overgrive_3.0.9_all.deb


  • Type overGrive in dash. Click the launcher icon in Ubuntu.
overGrive in Ubuntu

overGrive in Ubuntu

overGrive Sync

overGrive Sync


  • Website: overGrive
  • Source:N/A – Closed Sourced.

Troubleshooting and Support

If you face any issues while installing or using overGrive, you may drop a note using comment section at the end of this article, Or you can post your query in any of the support channels mentioned below.

How to uninstall

To uninstall overGrive run below commands in terminal.

sudo dpkg -r overgrive

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  • Kenny MacLeod

    I installed overGrive two days ago on Antergos KDE and it worked fine. Today, on my work network it shows as ‘offline’ and the configuration app appears to crash if I launch it independently. I am still on the 14-day trial period and the notification for that does not appear on boot-up as it used to. I wonder if its sensitive to the network it’s on…?

  • Jonathan_Harford

    overgrive stopped working for me this morning. I tried emailing using the contact link on the website, but after typing in a message the submit button gave me a 404.

    • Jeňa Kočí

      still not working?

  • Paul B.


    I’m evaluating overGrive since about a week now (Aug 2015 – overGrive version 3.0.11 beta). I’ve noticed that creating a directory locally (on the local file system inside $HOME/Google Drive directory) does not make the directory appear in Google Drive when viewing from the web.

    I also noticed that creating the directory in Google Drive on the web does not create it locally, even though overGrive seems to be syncing constantly. Somehow overGrive has noticed the existence of the directory because I can select/unselect it when choosing which directories to sync. It does not seem to make a difference whether the directory is empty (whether created locally, or via the web and after uploading a file via the web UI).
    Aside from the obvious problem as described, this affects my confidence that it’s working at all (keeping things in sync).

    Other minor issues:
    – The notifications are a nuisance. I’d like a notification when files have been added or deleted, not every time overGrive syncs (let alone when it starts and finishes each sync!).
    – It doesn’t sync my directories “shared with me”

    I was going to submit this feedback via the web, but the form to submit feedback is broken (“not allowed to access this URL” — *after* you type the message of course).

    I’d be happy to pay a bit for this software, if it worked properly. It doesn’t seem to have reached that point yet though and the authors does not seem overly interested in feedback, which doesn’t give me much hope for improvement. Too bad.

    There are rumours that Google is finally making good on their promise to provide a Linux client for Google drive – let’s see if that works out. Until then, I’m back to ownCloud, which seems to be very mature (desktop, mobile, server, everything).

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