Access Google Drive and Sync Calendar in Ubuntu 16.04 using Nautilus


This tutorial will show how to configure Nautilus to access Google Drive files and Calender.

Recent release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus comes with GNOME 3.18. This version of GNOME comes with the ability to access Google Drive and other online accounts. This enables user more connected desktop experience in Ubuntu. There are other applications available to access Google Drive from Ubuntu/Linux but most of them are not free and closed source.

Here’s how to configure Nautilus to Access Google Drive

  • Install GNOME Online Accounts by running below command from terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
sudo apt-get install gnome-online-accounts
  • Open “Settings” from Dash.
  • In the settings window, click online accounts.
GNOME Settings

GNOME Settings

  • On the online accounts window, click on Add an online account and select Google.

GNOME Settings - Add Account

  • Give your credentials, two-way authentication and complete the login process.

Add Accounts - Login

  • Open nautilus (search ‘Files’ in dash). On the left side, you can find your Gmail account address. Click on that, and you can see the contents of your Google Drive inside Nautilus file manager.

Google Drive

  • Open Calendar app from Dash. Now you can see all of your Google Calendar events now in synced in GNOME Calendar app.



So, how do you access Google Drive contents in Ubuntu/Linux? Share your thoughts/opinion.


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  • Петров Иван

    Ubuntu 16.04 has own default “Online Accounts” with Google integration. But it doesn’t work with default unity gnome-calendar, lol. I don’t see any sense there in default unity “Online accounts”.

  • Mercedes

    16.04 comes with Nautilus 3.14, not 3.18…so this won’t work unless you update Nautilus from another source.

    • But its working with 3.14.

      • Mercedes

        Ah, that is because this is a 3rd party package being installed. 3.18 has this support build in directly. No other packages needed.

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