Evince 3.18.2 Comes with Text and Highlight Annotation in Ubuntu 16.04


Evince is a simple document viewer for GNOME and its recent version 3.18.2 comes with silent yet powerful feature.

Evince, the PDF, PostScript, DjVu, TIFF, XPS and DVI viewer for GNOME desktop, comes as a default application and it releases version 3.18.2 as part of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus.

In this release, it comes with annotation features. If you open Evince in Xenial Xerus, you can see a small icon beside search icon in toolbar.

Annotate Option

It gives you two options of annotation – text and highlight.

Text Annotation

Highlight Annotation


For text annotation, simply click the text annotation icon and click inside your open pdf. You can see an icon and a pop up text box where you can write your notes.

Text Annotation Live

For highlight annotation, click the icon and select a portion of text inside your PDF.

Highlight Annotation Live

The Evince context menu (right-click), comes with two options – Annotation Properties and Remove Annotation. Using these two options you can remove annotation and change the below properties of an annotation:

  • Color (you can choose any color from color palette)
  • Highlight annotation transparency
  • Initial window state – open/close
  • Highlight annotation types – highlight, strike out, underline, squiggly.

Annotation Properties


Annotation Properties_Window

And finally, you can save the pdf as a new file with all annotations, highlights!


All Annotations in Action


So, what do you think about this feature in Evince?

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  • Maik

    Evince cannot print highlighted text :/

  • Christian Lund Hansen

    Surely, annotation and highlight is cool <3 However Evince seems to be lacking a bit in keybindings. I would love to be able to setup keybindings myself like ctrl+h or Shift+h for highlighting.

  • c001

    Nice feature.
    How can I stay in highlighting mode?

    I want to highlight several passages. So far, I managed only by clicking every time on the highlighting icon before marking some text with the cursor.

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