[Quick Tip] How To Create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Ubuntu


This tutorial will show how to create wireless hotspot in Ubuntu.

You can share your cable internet connection from your desktop to your android or other devices via creating Wi-Fi hotspot. Ubuntu network manager provides a way to create Wi-Fi hotspot in your desktop.

Note : Below tutorial only for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus.

Follow below steps.

  • Search for ‘Network Connections’ from Dash or Click ‘Edit Connections’ from notification area network menu.
Edit Connections

Edit Connections


  • In the network connection window, click Add.
Add Network Connection

Add Network Connection


  • Choose connection type as Wi-Fi.
Choose Connection

Choose Connection


  • In the next Wi-Fi tab, type any name for SSID. It would be the Wi-Fi hotspot name which can be seen in other devices. Select Mode as Hotspot.  In the Device drop down, select the mac address available for your wireless card.

Wi-Fi Tab-


  • Go to Wi-Fi Security Tab and select Security as WPA and WPA2 Personal and give a Wi-Fi password which is needed to connect from your Android or other devices.

Editing Wi-Fi connection 1_021

  • Go to IPv4 Settings Tab and choose Method as Shared to other computers.

Editing Wi-Fi connection 1_022

  • Click Save.
  • Now you can search for Wi-Fi hotspot with the name you choose from your Android or other devices.

Workspace 1_024

Drop a comment below if you are facing trouble creating Wi-Fi hotspot in Ubuntu.

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  • Coburn Ingram

    On the U16.04 Gnome desktop THERE IS NO WAY TO DISABLE THE WIFI HOTSPOT. It comes on by default whenever the computer wakes from suspend. The user has to go in and manually re-connect to wireless every time. In my case the wired connection is not connected and the wifi hotspot is turning on anyway!

  • Very nice. Can this be made to work on 14.04?

  • Ian

    It keeps switching to Ad-hock mode by itself

    • Which Ubuntu version you are using?

      • Ian


        • Choose the mode=Infrastructure and do all the other steps. Save it.

          Go to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection.

          Edit the file named as your connection name (e.g. Wi-Fi connection 1).

          Change the Mode=Infrastructure to Mode=ap.

          Then try. It should work.

          • Coburn Ingram

            There is no such file.

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