[Quick Tip] Change the default LibreOffice Look and Feel


A quick tip on how to change the default toolbar look in LibreOffice.

The default LibreOffice look/theme a.k.a breeze theme is quite boring and colorless. It is indeed simple and clear but lack of colors sometimes makes it difficult to find the menu and toolbar options. There are some more themes available – 7 themes to be exact which can be quickly installed in your system. This can make your LibreOffice look great and more professional which may increase your productivity.

How to Install

Run below command from terminal.

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style*

This command will install 7 themes available today – elementary, hicontrast, human, tango, oxygen, sifr and Galaxy.

How to Activate

After successful installation, open LibreOffice (Calc, IMpress or Writer).
Go to Menu : Tools -> Options. Under LibreOffice Tab, Click View.
Under User Interface section, click the icon size and style drop-down.
Choose your favorite theme.
Click ok.

Options - LibreOffice - View_026

This will activate your favorite theme.


Here are some screen-grab of the themes.

Oxygen LibreOffice Theme

Oxygen LibreOffice Theme

Human LibreOffice Theme

Human LibreOffice Theme

Sifr LibreOffice Theme

Sifr LibreOffice Theme

LibreOffice Galaxy Theme

LibreOffice Galaxy Theme

Tango Theme - LibreOffice

Tango Theme – LibreOffice

High Contrast - LibreOffice Theme

High Contrast – LibreOffice Theme

Elementary - LibreOffice Theme

Elementary – LibreOffice Theme

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