Screencast Your Keys Using This App – screenkey


screeenkey is an app having ability to show the keys you type on the screen. Along with the basic alphabets and numeric keys, it can show the non-display keys such as Esc, space, Ctrl, Alt etc. This feature often needed for screen-casting mainly for tutorials.

Configurations and features includes:

  • Timer control on how long the keys would be shown
  • Changing the screen position of the display
  • Multi monitor/display support
  • Change the font, color and opacity of the display text

Here is an image of screenkey in action::


How to Install

To install screenkey in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other derivatives, run below commands in sequence from terminal:

sudo apt install python-gtk2 python-setuptools python-setuptools-git python-distutils-extra
cd /tmp
cd screenkey-master
sudo ./ install

To run from command line, type:


After the command is executed, screen key would be enabled with default options. You can find the configuration options from notification area. You can type anything to watch screenkey in action.




Report any issues and follow its developments @ GitHub.

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