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Show and Serve Ads inside HTML5 Video

You must have seen advertisement on top of videos while playing in many tube sites including YouTube. In this tutorial we will try to do similar way of showing advertisement, messages while a video...


How to use HTML5 Progress bar

HTML5 comes with progress bar tag which is useful to many occasions. Progress bar element is used in multiple occasions when a status of a certain task, activity is needs to be shown on...


How to Play or Capture video in HTML5 Canvas

In this tutorial we will draw a playing video frame as an image inside HTML5 Canvas. Canvas provides a method drawImage which draws from any source inside a Canvas. Define the Video Block Lets...


Play and Pause video in HTML5 using video tag

This tutorial will show you how to use HTML5 tag with a simple example. HTML5 standard provides a way to show video inside a browser without using any plugin (like flash). Flash plugins etc...


JavaScript variable initialization

Initialization is a very important task in all programming languages. Not initializing any variable with proper type is the root cause of many many IT application problems. This article is an experiment in JavaScript...

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