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The motto of this distro is to be a "general purpose" Arch Linux distribution for the masses, discarding the Arch Linux installation fear for new users and the superiority of using Arch.


Installation and options

Installation is made super easy with the "one and only" Calamares installer. On top of that EndeavourOS team gave extra caution to provide you with most of the options during the installation steps.


Installation and options

Default ISO provides a lightweight Xfce desktop. However, EndeavourOS also provides you with all the desktop environments and window managers. And they are all tested to work fine.



Xfce desktop looks stunning

The default look is the best-customized Xfce desktop you can get. It has been customized to be presented as a well-looking distro, far from what default Xfce actually brings in. This includes the GRUB menu, login screen and desktop.


Themes and looks

The main Xfce menu is configured with more items, and the terminal is a little transparent and uses the Qogir icon theme. All of these changes are complemented with stunning wallpapers and Arc-Darker default Xfce theme.



At idle, it uses around 700MB of memory and CPU at an average of 4%. This is the baseline. The resource usage may increase based on the number of apps you open. In my earlier reviews of EndeavourOS, the performance is always similar.


Make your life easier

One of the great features of EndeavourOS is some of the python-based GUI tools which make your life easy in Arch Linux. For example, you get notifications for updates from Arch and EndeavourOS repo, one-click software installation from AUR, and update mirrors and your system with one single click.