LibreOffice Basic Macro Tutorial Index


This page contains index of all LibreOffice tutorials, including Calc Macros using basic that has been posted in All the posts have been categorized and sorted based on learning curve. Drop a comment if you are unable to find something.

Basics of Macro

Form and Dialog Basics

Form Controls

Misc and Advanced

  • rialtho

    hi there, thanks for taking the time and effort to list out these basic steps for creating macros in libreoffice. I’ve dome some some programming myself in the past but II’m baffled at the first example hello world: “ <- how are you suppose the know this is the string you have to enter? Where is this coming from? The rest of the example seems sort of logical, except this part. Anyone able to explain?

  • João Paulo Rezende

    Hi, some years ago I migrated from Excel to Libreoffice Calc. So, I also migrated all my Excel VBA code to Basic manually. I noticied a decrease of performance of the scripts a lot. My script is read some text files, process text (left, right, instr functions) and put it in cells. The difference of speed is too much. Is it normal? Basic is more slow than VBA?

  • surja

    Thank you for the tutorials. There is a dearth of good macro programming books / tutorials for LibreOffice software, these tutorials make up for some of that. I hope you will continue publishing such tutorials in the future, with the popularity of LO increasing, these articles will go a long way in making the application even more useul.

  • Adriel Shawn

    hi guys can i ask a question?

    how can you get the data of the highlighted cell? and search it into another sheet.

    is that possible?

    thank you in advance

    hope you help me guys

    newbie here.

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