How to Fix Brightness Control in Ubuntu


Ubuntu has a problem with laptop display brightness. You may have already faced where the laptop brightness is very high after installation and even if using the brightness control keys, it never gets down.

Well, we have a fix for that. Follow below steps:

  • Open the file /etc/default/grub using gedit or any other text editor.
  • Find below line.

  • Change above line to
  • GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor"

    grub update for brightness control

    grub update for brightness control

  • Save the file and close text editor.
  • Open terminal and run below command.
  • update-grub

  • Reboot.

That’s it. You can control your brightness now.

Let know whether it works using comment section below.

If you are looking for GUI based application in Ubuntu for brightness control click here.

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