Fedora 29 Beta is Now Available for Testing

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The Fedora project announced the release of Fedora 29 beta for workstation and others spins.

Fedora 29 release is due on Oct-2018 and it is the right time of the beta release of this amazing piece of OS. With this beta release, you can taste the upcoming features of Fedora 29 operating systems which is used by millions of users across the world.

KDE Plasma spin with Fedora
KDE Plasma spin with Fedora

Here are some of the iconic changes that are coming in Fedora 29.


With Modularity, you can use multiple versions of the same package for your needs. This cool concept introduced in earlier Fedora 28 Server editions. With Fedora 29, it will be available for all Fedora 29 spins i.e. all desktop environments including default Workstation version.
You can read more about Modularity here.

GNOME 3.30

GNOME 3.30 recently released with some major changes like automatic update of Flatpak apps, new Podcast apps etc. Here are the list of things that GNOME 3.30 bringing.

Fedora 29 Workstation (default) would come with GNOME 3.30 as desktop environment which is the latest GNOME software.


Fedora 29 will hide the GRUB menu when running in a system with single OS. Fedora project feels that when you have only OS, it is not needed to have GRUB menu and it is useless in this use case.

XFCE 4.13

For the Fedora 29 XFCE spin, it would come with latest XFCE 4.13 which is completely based on GTK-3 technology and uses latest features.

More Updates

Fedora 29 is coming with more package updates and you can find entire changelog here.

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Download and Test

Please remember this is a beta release and not for production and critical uses. You will be encountering bugs, so use at your own risk.

If you are interested, download the Beta packages for Fedora 29 using below links and give it a try using live USB / Virtual Machines / fresh installations.

Fedora 29 Beta Workstation

Fedora 29 Beta Spins (KDE Plasma, XFCE, LXDE, LXQT, MATE-COMPIZ, CINNAMON)


Fedora 29 would be a major release when it would be announced next month – Oct-2018. Till then, you can wait or give the beta version a spin.

Via Fedora magazine

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