Xubuntu Based CAELinux 2020 Released for Dedicated Simulation Works

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Xubuntu Based CAELinux 2020 Released with Major Updates.


The Xubuntu 18.04 LTS based CAELinux 2020 is released with major improvements with more customizations and pre-loaded tools, utilities. CAELinux is a distribution aimed to help in simulating various engineering areas by pre-loading free and open-source simulation tools.

CAELinux 2020 comes with tools for stress analysis, thermal and fluid flow simulations, mathematical modeling tools, graphic and design software, CAD/CAM, prototyping software which makes it ideal for running a fabrication software.

The core of CALinux 2020 is Xubuntu 18.04 LTS with the XFCE desktop environment and can run directly from USB without installation.

CAELinux 2020 Updates

  • One of the major updates on this release is the resolution of the .iso installer size problem. Due to the inclusion of various heavy tools, the size of the CAELinux 2020 distribution .iso was large which is more than 4Gb. Sometimes, users faced difficulties while booting from a LiveDVD or USB having a large .iso image. This problem is resolved now with this new CAELinux 2020 release.
  • Among other notable updates includes CAELinux 2020 is based on stable and long term support release of Xubuntu 18.04 LTS and Lightweight XFCE 4.14 desktop
  • CALinux can run directly from a bootable USB and loaded with tools such as :

CAD/CAM & 3D printing: Salome, Freecad, OpenSCAD, LibreCad, Pycam, Camotics, dxf2gcode & Cura

FEA, CFD & multiphysic simulation: Salome-Meca 2019 / Code-Aster, SalomeCFD/Code-Saturne, HelyxOs/OpenFOAM v7, Elmer FEM, Calculix with Launcher & CAE GUI

Meshing, pre-post, & visualization: Salome, Paraview, Helyx-OS, Elmer GUI, VoxelMesher

Electronic design and prototyping: KiCad, Arduino, Flatcam, dxf2gcode / cadpy for PCB isolation milling.

Scientific & development tools: Python 3 with Spyder, GNU Octave, R, wxMaxima, OpenModelica, Qt Creator, gcc, gfortran, java, g++, perl, tcl/tk


You can download CAELinux using below links.

As the .iso files of CAELinux 2020 are more than 4Gb, it comes with three split 7z compressed files. Download the three files from SourceForge from below and extract it via 7Zip utility.

caelinux2020.iso.7z.001 (2,048MB)
caelinux2020.iso.7z.002 (2,048MB)
caelinux2020.iso.7z.003 (1,771MB)

If you do not have 7zip, you can install it in Ubuntu-based distributions via

sudo apt install 7zip-full

After installation, you can extract the files via terminal:

7z -e caelinux2020.iso.7z.001

You can write the .iso image in a Usb stick and install from it.

Via CALinux blog


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