Deepin Linux 20 Review: Beautiful Desktop with Stability

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Deepin Linux distribution is one of the most popular Linux flavors among Windows and macOS users due to its aesthetics and stability. We review this shiny Deepin Linux 20 and give you insights.

Deepin 20 Desktop
Deepin 20 Desktop

Deepin released its latest version Deepin 20 which is beautiful and stable as before.

This impressive open-source GNU/Linux distribution is based on Deepin tech and features free and proprietary software as well. Deepin is popular among users who want a beautiful Linux while being stable.

This is an overview of Deepin Linux with a summary of the latest release Deepin 20.

Deepin Linux 20 Review

What’s new in Deepin 20


Deepin 20 is powered by stable Debian 10.5 Buster series and supports dual Kernel. That means while installing you get to choose which Kernel you want. Deepin 20 offers you Kernel 5.4 (LTS) and Kernel 5.7 (Stable). This allows support of a wide range of hardware, graphics card while improving the stability of your desktop.

Look and Feel

Deepin 20 completely overhauled the entire desktop look and feel. The new design introduces a fresh graphics interface, smooth animation effects, colorful icons, rounded corner windows while being user friendly for all.

The new Deepin 20 supports dark and light themes out of the box and includes more granular level tweaking such as transparency adjustment, color temperature settings, power, and battery settings.

Personalized notification management

The upgraded notification settings support playing a sound when the message comes, showing messages on lock screen, showing messages or not in notification center, showing message preview, and setting different reminding levels for various applications. Users can customize the settings in order to receive all important messages and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Notification Area in Deepin 20
Notification Area in Deepin 20

Changes in Deepin Installer

The system installer is changed to make your installation hassle-free in Deepin 20. It offers you to choose the Kernel version, Safe graphics mode install, auto partitioning. If you are using NVIDIA graphics cards, the installer detects and offers you to install closed source NVIDIA driver during setup itself. So that you do not need to take extra post-install steps.

App Store Update

App Store in Deepin
App Store in Deepin

Deepin comes with its own set of applications developed via the Deepin Tool Kit using Qt and C++. This application covers a wide area of system functionality.

The Deepin 20 App Store improved to give you one-click update, app filtering based on functionality such as Chat, Video, etc. This makes it a more productive app management app.

Fingerprint Support

Fingerprint Management in Deepin 20
Fingerprint Management in Deepin 20

Deepin 20 brings built-in fingerprint support. If you have a Laptop with a fingerprint sensor, you can use it to unlock, log in, and identify verification. However, it depends on which hardware your Laptop uses and whether Linux kernel 5.4 or 5.7 supports at the moment.

More Updates in Deepin 20

A new app for Device management is added to manage your hardware devices.

The new Screen capture tool combines the screenshot and screen recording together to give you more flexibility.

Webcam utility Cheese is preinstalled in Deepin 20.

A dedicated app for voice recording to take audio notes.

Hundreds of bugs have been fixed in Deepin 20 across the entire desktop system,m – Dock control center, window manager, calendar, etc.

The battery icon with status ad a qBittorrent icon is now shown in the tray area of the Deepin Dock.

Proprietory Software

Deepin includes major popular proprietory applications. Google Chrome, Spotify, Steam, WPS Office – they are all available out of the box.

Supported Distributions

Deepin Desktop environment (DDE) is available in major GNU/Linux distributions as an additional package. Arch Linux, Manjar, and Fedora provide respective desktop packages for Deepin. For example, you can run Fedora but still install the Deepin Desktop environment though.


Deepin 20 is available for download as a 64-bit ISO from the below links. You can create a bootable USB for installation.

Upgrade instructions from prior Deepin 15.11 to Deepin 20 are present here.

Deepin desktop undoubtedly a beautiful and very stable distribution mostly due to Debian based. However there are other nice looking distributions also availabe. Such as elementary, KDE Plasma which are based on Ubuntu. There were rumour about tracking your Deepin AppStore data which has been resolved already. If you are distro-hopper, or a regular user wants less config and a distro which ‘just works’ you can definitely try Deepin 20.

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