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This reference page contains all the links to Firefox browser downloads, including stable, beta, and developer editions.

Firefox is the world’s leading free and open-source web browser available for all platforms. You can download and install it for Linux, Windows, macOS, and mobile phones. Developed by Mozilla Corporation, it is a modern web browser that supports all the modern web tech and formats, powered by the Gecko engine.

Firefox Available Versions for Download

Mozilla Firefox comes with the following editions for desktops and the purpose of each item.

  • Stable: As its name says, the stable version f Firefox should be used by all users for all platforms. New version every four weeks.
  • Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release): Used for commercial organizations and large deployments. Super stable but slow to get new features. One year of support until the next version.
  • Beta: Unstable and development build of Firefox.
  • Developer Edition: Unstable developer edition, built on Beta build.
  • Nightly: Super unstable edition, may contain bugs and used for testing new features.

All Download Links for Firefox for Desktop OS

All Linux Distros

  • Self-contained executable (recommended)
Flatpakflatpak install org.mozilla.firefox<n/a>
Snapsudo snap install firefoxLink to Snap
  • Pre-compiled Executables as a zip file
    • Open this page.
    • From the drop-down, select the Firefox edition, your operating system and language. Then hit download now.
    • After downloading, run the executable named “firefox” present in the extracted directory.
How to Download Firefox from official website
How to Download Firefox from official website


  • For Windows users, download the installer of Firefox using this page.
  • Select Windows 64-bit MSI package and hit download.
  • After downloading, double-click to install Firefox.
How to Download Firefox from official website for Windows
How to Download Firefox from official website for Windows

Mobile Phones (Android and iOS)

Android users, select the suitable version from the below table and install it via Google Play Store.

Apple devices, iOS

Apple iPhone, mac and iOS users hit the below link to install it from AppStore.

ARM Builds for Raspberry Pi, etc.

If you are using Raspberry Pi, you can install Firefox ESR version from the terminal:

sudo apt install firefox-esr

BSD Ports (unofficial)

Firefox for OpenBSD

FreeBSD users run the following from the terminal to install.

pkg install firefox

Release Server FTP (all versions including archive)

Visit the official FTP server of Firefox using the below link. It contains all the Firefox releases to date, including the current versions. it’s a huge list, you can browse by the languages.

Source Code

Since Firefox is open-source, you can look at its code or build it yourself. however, it is not hosted in popular GitHub or GitLab. Mozilla uses a distributed SCM called Mercurial. Here are the links to Mercurial and the source code.


This page’s purpose is to collect all the information about Firefox sources and executables for download, which is scattered across the web. If you think some information is incorrect or missing, let me know in the comment box below.


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