Firefox 75 Released with Revamped Address Bar. Download Now.

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The most popular and privacy-focused modern web browser Firefox released the latest version 75 with the revamped address bar and many many changes.

Used by millions of home, and enterprise users, Firefox with each release, adding more features for its users including some privacy-focused items as well.

Firefox 75
Firefox 75

Let’s take a look at the below list of changes.

What’s new in Firefox 75

Revamped address bar

When you open up the address bar in the latest Firefox 75, you will see an enlarged search bar with a large view of options. The address bar adapts itself for mobiles, tab, and the larger screen automatically and gives you a smooth experience.
It also pins the most popular websites to search when you open it.

The search bar became smarter as well. When you type words it would suggest the next possible word in bold font to narrow down your search.

Firefox Search Bar
Firefox Search Bar

Firefox now locally stores cache of all trusted Web PKI certificate authority known to Mozilla. This will help to improve https compatibility especially with servers with a misconfigured certificate.

Finally, Firefox has an official Flatpak package. it was a long due for Linux users. Although snap was there for firefox from earlier, there was a need for Flatpak package for Firefox. Now it is officially available, so you can configure and use the Flatpak build of firefox.

Other changes include

  • The direct composition is being integrated for Windows users.
  • Multiple CVE security fixes
  • Updated enterprise policies

Download Firefox 75 for Windows, Linux, Mac

Head over to the below download page to get your copy of Firefox 75 for a fresh installation.

If you are using Windows, do check for updates via Menu -> Help -> About, you should receive an upgrade prompt.

For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 19.10, Linux Mint 18.x, 19.x started receiving the update already. Run your software updater to check for it. For KDE Neon – plasma 5.18 already the update is there in Discover.

Discover Update for Firefox 75
Discover Update for Firefox 75

If you don’t want to wait, you can remove the built-in Firefox from the software manager and download the latest one.

You can also get the snap or Flatpak version of Firefox as well.


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