How to Setup MTS MBlaze Dialer Internet on Ubuntu

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Setting up the dialer for MTS broadband modem a.k.a MBlaze in Ubuntu amd64 box can be a real pain if you don’t know how to do it. Well, look no further, the solution is here.

When you buy the dialer, it comes with the installation disk containing the .deb package for i386 architecture. But it didn’t have the .deb package for amd64 architecture.

If you try to install the i386 .deb MTS MBlaze package using dpkg in amd64 machine, you will get "ERROR: Wrong Architecture".

dpkg comes with an option to install deb packages to a different architecture. You have to use --force-architecture switch while running dpkg.

To install the .deb package for amd64 box, ran the following command in terminal (do not use the force switch if you are installing in an intel based machine):

sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture CrossPlatformUI-V2.1.2-SSTL-i386-ubuntu.deb

You will get a warning – ‘it may unstable your amd64 box’, but you can go ahead. The installation would generate lots of error and warnings. After the command execution you will found the MBlaze dialer icon in Application > Internet > Mblaze.

You have to run the dialer as root using sudo. You may create a desktop shortcut with for easy access.
Run Command for shortcut: gksudo /usr/local/bin/ztemtApp/bin/App
Shortcut ICON: /usr/share/pixmaps/ztemtapp.png

Drop a comment if you are facing problem during installations.

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