KDE Plasma 5.23 Release Brings a Fresh Look with Performance Updates

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The 25th-anniversary edition – KDE Plasma 5.23 is released with brand-new features and performance updates. Here’s what’s new.

KDE Plasma 5.23 Desktop
KDE Plasma 5.23 Desktop

For 25 years, KDE is serving all types of user bases with a foray into mobiles, handheld gaming controllers, TV, and more devices. And as per the schedule since its predecessor KDE Plasma 5.22, the new release is here which promises many new updates to its users.

The KDE Plasma 5.23 Anniversary edition promises increased reliability, brand new looks, new features across app launcher, software manager, Wayland implementation, applications, and utilities. Following the trends of each new release, a bunch of bug fixes made their way to this edition.

That said, we already have an article about KDE Plasma 5.23 feature highlights, however, we would like to recap the features on this page.

KDE 25th Anniv Logo
KDE 25th Anniv Logo

KDE Plasma 5.23 Release – Top New Features

  • This release is powered by Qt version 5.15, KDE Frameworks version 5.86.

Plasma Shell and App Updates

  • The KDE Plasma Kickoff brings a huge set of updates that includes bug fixes, low RAM usage, look and feel updates, keyboard and mouse navigation improvements.
  • Kickoff menu can be set to keep open using a pin option.
Sticky App Menu
Sticky App Menu
  • Kickoff tabs not changes (from Applications to Places) when you scroll.
  • Press CTRL+F to directly focus to the search bar in Kickoff.
  • The action button captions in Kickoff (shut down, etc.) can be turned off via an option to show only icons.
  • You can now either choose list or grid view for all Kickoff items (not only Favorites).
New Kickoff Options in KDE Plasma 5.23
New Kickoff Options in KDE Plasma 5.23
Changes in kickoff
Changes in kickoff
  • A new QML-based Overview effect is introduced (much like GNOME 3.38 workspace view) which shows the opened windows (have a look at this video). I could not find the merge request no for this for further detail, and it’s still not in unstable.

Video credit: KDE team

  • This overview effect may replace the existing Present Windows effect and the Desktop Grid effect as well (planned).
  • A more visible ‘No Touchpad found’ message is introduced when there is no touchpad.
  • You can now have the Power Profile settings in Plasma UI (Battery and Brightness window). This power profile features landed since Linux Kernel 5.12 for Dell and Lenovo laptops. So, if you have the latest brands of these Laptops, you can now set your power profiles either more performance mode or power saving mode.
New power profiles
New power profiles
  • If you have multiscreen setup with say vertical and landscape screen, then the login screen now properly synced and aligned. This was much needed features.
  • A new Breeze theme Blue Ocean promises a fresh and cool look to your desktop.
  • A brand-new wallpaper is introduced which is one of the best KDE Plasma wallpapers in recent times.
  • A new setting to resize system tray icons when your hardware is changed from Laptop mode to Tablet mode.
  • You can now have the ability to choose Bluetooth status on login always enabled, always disabled, or remember the previous status. This status ca be carried over the version upgrades.
  • Users can now change the displayed name of sensors on a per-face basis.
  • The scrollbar handle in Breeze style is now a little thicker than previous editions.
  • A new option in Dolphin file manager enables you to show hidden files first before folders.
  • You can delete selected items in clipboard popup using DEL key.
  • KDE now enables you to contribute to store.kde.org with your designed icons, themes directly from the Plasma desktop.

Wayland Updates

  • When you launch applications, the cursor now shows the animated icon feedback in Wayland sessions.
  • Copying text from notification now works.
  • Middle click paste now works in Wayland and XWayland applications.

Remember, there are hundreds of bug fixes, improvements that land in each release. These are merely scratching the surface which I collected. So, make sure to visit GitLab or KDE Planets to learn more in detail about changes in applications and Plasma shells.

How to get Plasma 5.23

You can enjoy the KDE Plasma 5.23 via KDE Neon User Edition Linux Distribution. The download link to the .ISO is present below. You can try on a virtual machine or install it as a fresh system.

How to Upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.23

The complete upgrade guide from Plasma 5.22 is described in this guide.

Closing Notes

KDE team punched another stunning KDE Plasma 5.23 release. Being an anniversary edition, it is indeed emotional for the KDE team, its creators that a project that impacts millions of people still running strong. There will be always debate on GNOME Vs KDE, but, without KDE Framework+Apps+Plasma – the Linux desktop would not have been the same as it is today. Here’s to another 25 years to KDE ?️.

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