Make KDE Control Centre Look Like macOS with this Widget

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A new KDE desktop widget arrives to revamp your KDE Plasma’s system tray (or Control Centre) to make it look like macOS.

Note: This is a beta version of the widget. So, use it with caution.

The system tray is where you get most of the notifications, the status of your system and additional menu items for various desktop activities.

Recently, the tray menu has been a hot topic. GNOME 43 recently revamped its decade-old design to a new pill-shaped quick intuitive settings.

In the KDE Plasma desktop, the default system tray menu may not feel appealing from a look standpoint. Although it is rich in functionalities such as you can get access to all necessary system features and tweaks from here.

However, thanks to KDE’s customization capabilities, a new desktop widget is available now to give a macOS-like system tray menu.

New Widget: Control Centre for KDE

Named “Control Centre”, the widget is currently in BETA and under development.

However, you can still install it on KDE Plasma desktops in various distros such as Kubuntu, KDE Neon, Arch with KDE, Fedora KDE edition, etc.

Here’s how it looks.

Full desktop look with new widget
Full desktop look with new widget

Installation is simple.

  • Right click on the KDE Plasma desktop, and select Add Widgets.
  • Then click on Get More Widgets > Download more Plasma widgets and search for “Control Centre”. Hit Install to install it.
Installing the Control Centre Widget
Installing the Control Centre Widget
  • After installation, right-click on the small arrow in the default tray panel and click Add Widgets. Select the “Control Centre” from the list.
  • Once it is available in the Panel, drag it to any place you want via “Enter Edit Mode”.

As of publishing this, there any only the below options available. Such as quick launchers for Settings, Network, and Night mode. Also available is a banner for currently playing media (via desktop or browser-based players) is also available with volume control.

Control Center - Zoomed view
Control Center – Zoomed view

Although, the widget may not look good with the default KDE’s Breeze theme. However, looks fantastic with any available macOS Plasma Global theme, such as the WhiteSur theme (which I used in the above screenshots).

I hope many new features are planned for the future of this macOS, like Control Centre. It looks promising.

Learn more about this widget in the KDE Store Or on GitHub.



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