Q4OS 3.12 Centaurus Released with Latest Debian Update

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Q4OS 3.12 “Centaurus” released its latest long term support release with Debian Buster 10.5 update.


Q4OS is a highly productive Linux desktop with a professional/commercial support for modification of the OS for your business needs. The OS focuses on security, stability, and long term deployment and very conservative of integrating new features for its nature of targe audience. The OS itself is free to download and install for your use. However, if you want to customize with tools including OS API level customization, then you can have paid support from the team as well.

The most important aspect of Q4OS is it ideal for low configuration deployment targeted to the virtualization or cloud.

Q4OS 3.12 Centaurus – Updates and Changes

The latest release of Q4OS 3.12 is based on the solid and stable Debian Buster 10.5 update which adds critical security and bug fixes. This release brings several Q4OS release updates as well.

For example, the fixes made to the auto-detection of NVidia modules are updated and fixed, Firefox 80 is included and some incremental upgrade from the prior release as well.

Download and Update to Q4OS 3.12

If you are running an earlier release of Q4OS 3.11 a dedicated upgrade path is available. All you need to do is launch the updater and follow the onscreen instructions.

For fresh download and install follow below links.

Q4OS comes with two variants of the desktop environment. The lightweight Trinity desktop and advanced, feature-rich Plasma desktop. The minimum system requirements are:

  • Plasma desktop – 1GHz CPU / 1GB RAM / 5GB disk
  • Trinity desktop – 300MHz CPU / 128MB RAM / 3GB disk

You can download via below link.

The above links are of LIVE iso files which you can try out them via burning it USB stick first before download.

As always, the project requires small amount donation being an open-source project. You can help the project by visiting above download links which have the donation options.


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