Unity Launcher Folders – Group your apps, folders, shortcuts in Ubuntu


A new package launched which helps you to organise your apps, folders etc in Unity.

Named “LauncherFolders”, the debian package helps you to organise your Unity shortcuts, files, folders, apps in a customised groupings. It gives you a drawer to put your stuffs into. It supports almost anything like – Web links (You can drag them from Firefox/Chrome!!), Apps, Shell Script files, Files, Folders, Links etc. Once grouped, it generates an icon appropriate to the items you have put into the drawer.

How to install

a) Download the debian package from here.

b) Install using dpkg or Open with the Software Centre to install by clicking the downloaded *.deb file.

c) Search launcher folder from Dash and launch.

For a detailed look on how it works, have a look at this video:

Source: http://unity-folders.exceptionfound.com/

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