2 Drawing Applications for MS Paint alternative in Ubuntu

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Pinta and Pencil two amazing software available in Linux/Ubuntu which is the equivalent for MS Paint application in Windows and can be a good MS Paint alternative in Ubuntu.


Pinta is an easy-to-use drawing and image editing program for entry-level users who don’t need the complexity of lots of options found in photo-shop like applications. This software is the best fit for casual users in Ubuntu.

How to Install

To install Pinta in Ubuntu, Mint, elementary:
From Terminal: sudo apt-get install pinta
From Ubuntu Software Center: Search for “Pinta Image Editor”

Features Highlights:

  • Drawing Tools (Paintbrush, Pencils, Shapes, etc)
  • Layers
  • Effects (Blur, Glow, Warp, etc)
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Image Adjustments (Auto Level, Black, and White, Sepia, etc)

Pinta Running in Ubuntu

Pinta Running in Ubuntu
Pinta Running in Ubuntu


The Pencil is a very basic drawing application developed on QT for Ubuntu. Apart from all basic features, it has the capability to create animation. It has a full-fledged timeline bar which helps to create animation. You can export the animation to a movie file, image sequence, Flash file, etc.

How to install

From Terminal: sudo apt-get install pencil
From Ubuntu Software Center: Search for “Pencil”

Feature Highlights:

  • All basic drawing tools (fill color, color picker, eraser, polyline, etc)
  • Layers (Bitmap, Vector, Sound, etc)
  • Import and Export option
  • Sound Import option for movie
  • Animation file supports – Flash, image sequence, movie file, etc.


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