Shutter – A Replacement for Windows Snipping/Screenshot tool in Ubuntu

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The shutter is the best screenshot tool available in Ubuntu loaded with all possible features including an in-built image editor for quick edits.


Shutter UI is very minimal but loaded with all options. It has some awesome abilities which are not even present in Windows Snipping Tool. Here are some awesome features:

  • Easy accessible with applet shortcut
  • Take a screenshot of the entire desktop OR any section of the desktop using your selection
  • Take a screenshot of Tooltip, Menus
  • Take a screenshot of any specific Window
  • Delayed Screenshot (schedule the screenshot after say 5 or 10 seconds)
  • Automatic saving of screenshot image file as png
  • In-built Image Editor for the screenshot file (or any file)
  • Highlighter
  • Free Hand Drawings
  • Basic Shapes (Arrow, Straight Line, Ellipse, Rectangle)
  • Add Text
  • Blur, Pixelize
  • Crop
  • Session features (Keep track of all screenshots in one session)
  • Version 0.93 have dropbox integration

Download and Install

Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for “Shutter” and Click install.
using Terminal: sudo apt-get install shutter

Have a quick look at this video with the Shutter demo

Have any suggestions? Drop a comment.


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