Xpad – A simple Sticky Note App for Ubuntu


Xpad is a sticky note application developed in native C and it is available in Ubuntu. You can use it to quickly take notes, memos with multiple small independent windows.

Xpad latest release 4.5 consists of usuability improvement and bug fixes.

Xpad Feature Summary

  • Multiple sticky independent windows
  • Customised Font
  • Change color of background and font
  • Edit Lock option to prevent accidental edit
  • Move all open pads to all workspaces
  • Shortcut for move with CTRL and drag/resize

How to install – using Terminal

To install Xpad in Ubuntu using terminal run below commands in sequence. Enter password when prompted.

sudo apt-get install xpad


  • Type Xpad in dash. Click the launcher icon.
  • For Gnome, go to Applications -> Accessories -> Xpad
Xpad Running in Ubuntu

Xpad Running in Ubuntu

How to Install and Use Xpad – Video


How to uninstall

To uninstall Xpad run below commands in terminal.

sudo apt-get remove xpad

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  • read4vr

    I know this post re xpad has been over a year old but I cannot find the answer I seek anywhere. Perhaps you can help?

    I installed xpad on Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 64bit from the Software
    Manager. I used the pad an couple of times and when I went to back up my
    files, I got,
    ‘errno 6, no such device or address: /home/xxxx/.config/xpad/server’.

    I uninstalled xpad via SM but still is getting errno 6 whenever I back up. What can I do to stop this back up error?

    • I need to check this. I don’t have a box with Mint installed. Let me try and I will get back to you.

      • read4vr

        That’s kind of you Arindam, thanks. Just to let you know, I used Mint’s backup tool to do my back ups.

        • There are two backup options, files and software selection. Which one you are using?

          • read4vr

            I always use Backup files.

            • Are you backing up entire filesystem? Or some specific folder?

              • read4vr

                Just the /home folder.

                • I have managed to solve it. Here is what happening. When you open XPAD, it creates a network socket (its something to communicate with a server) named “server”. Network sockets are not actually a file, though its a file as in Linux, everything is a file. So, this file is created by XPAD for temp purpose and it doesn’t have size. Its size is of 0 bytes.

                  When Mint’s backup tool tries to copy it for backup purpose, it could not do it, because its technically not a valid physical file. Its not a problem of backup tool, even if you try to manually copy that file, you can’t do it.

                  Do these to solve this error.
                  a) Close XPAD if its running.
                  b) open file manager and go to this path: “/home/xyz/.config/xpad” (replace xyz with your own username).
                  c) You can see a file names “server”
                  d) delete the file.
                  e) Take your backup.

                  please note that, every time you open XPAD the file would be created if you have deleted it. Make sure you delete the file and take the backup.

                  • read4vr

                    Arindam, thank you so very much for figuring this out. It worked!
                    I had uninstalled xpad and don’t know if I’ll re-install it again if this is the kind of thing that will happen every time I back up my files.

                    A very BIG THANK YOU!!!:)

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