China Plans to Replace Windows Completely with UOS

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China is planning to replace the US-based Windows operating system completely this year by a Linux based operating system called UOS.

UOS a.k.a Unified Operating System is a Linux based homegrown OS (desktop and server) right in China. It is said to be developed to run all hardware, chips made in China for their own purpose. Based on the popular Linux distribution Deepin, it is reported that UOS has made significant progress recently to boot up in 30 seconds in common hardware. 


Feature-wise, UOS is very robust, making sure that it can be on par with Windows.

The company behind UOS is Union-tech which promises more development in the upcoming month to make the Chinese independent from foreign Operating systems. 

The recent Huawei trouble made them move more towards domestic products in software and goals. 

Huawei is banned in the US to use software developed by American Firms like the Android Operating system by Google which powers millions of Huawei smart devices.

With this development of UOS and its progress, China is eyeing to completely remove Windows from its markets in the near future once UOS is available as a stable product.

To try it out, you can apply here.

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