Ardour 6.7 Digital Audio Workstation Brings Brew of Features and Fixes

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Ardour 6.7 DAW application brings another point release with important new features, bug fixes. We summarise the release in this post.

Digital Audio Workstation software is used as a central application for producing, creating, and mixing audio. They are very complex applications and capable of connecting and controlling several audio sources to create final audio output. Among the top free DAW apps that are available in Linux, Ardour is very active in terms of development and bug fixes. Ardour keeps improving itself to comply with the latest hardware and platforms while bringing new features to its users.

Ardour 6.7 New Features

A new ‘Recorder’ Window is introduced which gives a simplified view of the audio timeline from different sources. The hardware inputs can be renamed to more friendly names such as “Guitar Mic” which is retained across sessions.

New “Streaming” preset option for export (defines correct defaults for YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music streaming services, particularly loudness levels).
Allow import of SMF (MIDI) cue markers as global markers.

Ardour 6.7 - New Recorder Window
Ardour 6.7 – New Recorder Window

There are more than 50+ enhancements done in this point release across Ardour and they are a mixture of major and minor enhancements.

You can get the complete list of changes here.

Ardour 6.7 Download

Ardour is a cross-platform application, hence it is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can download the copy of the latest Ardour from the below link. And a continuous build for Apple M1 is also available.

You can donate to the project with an amount as low as $1 to support. After all, it is one of the best cross-platform DAW tools available. Donate details are available before you download them on the following page.

All the options you can get in the above link.

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Make sure to donate to get the development going. Also if you need assistance you can reach out to the Ardour forum here.

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