Lightweight Linux distribution 4MLinux 34.0 Released with WebP Support

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The super lightweight Linux distribution 4MLinux released the latest stable version 34.0 with new features and latest app updates.

4MLinux 34.0
4MLinux 34.0

4MLinux is very lightweight and has the ability to revive your old PC/Laptop. It comes with Multimedia applications, maintenance apps, a LAMP stack powered mini-server and mystry games. Hence the name “4M”.

It features the lightweight pcmanFM file manager which is also a file namager for LXDE based systems. 4MLinux comes with 32-bit and 64-bit installer for your all hardware need.

Coming after almost 4 months of the prior 4MLinux 33.0 release, 4MLinux in its latest version 34.0 brings some changes with its applications stack with the latest version of the software.

Here’s what’s new.

4MLinux 34.0 – What’s New

The 4MLinux 34 adds support for WebP and HEIF image formats.

It also adds Celluloid as default media player.

Almost all applications are upgraded to their latest builds.

LibreOffice office is upgraded to the latest version 7.0 which brings the latest features and updates. AbiWord 3.0.4 and Gnumeric 1.12.47 is included as well to complete your document processing needs.

You can now browse the internet safely with the latest Firefox 80 and Chromium 83. The email application Thunderbird is upgraded to 78.0 which brings latest features and security.

4MLinux 34 stable brings the latest multiple applications as well. VLC 3.0.x and mpv 0.32.0 is included along with Audacious 4.0.4.

You can set up your miniserver with LAMP stack in 4MLinux as it includes Apache 2.4.46, MariaDB 10.5.5, PHP 5.6.40, and PHP 7.4.9.

4MLinux 34 is powerd by Linux kernel 5.4.61 and includes latest Python 3.8.2 for development.

The entire changelog and package list is present here

System Requirements

4MLinux can run on very low end hardware and of cource in high end systems as well.

The minimum requirements for 4MLinux (64-bit) are:
128 MB of RAM when 4MLinux is installed to an HDD,
1024 MB of RAM when 4MLinux is run as a live CD/USB.

The minimum requirements for 4MServer (64-bit) are:
256 MB of RAM when 4MServer is installed to an HDD,
2048 MB of RAM when 4MServer is run as a live CD/USB.

Download 4MLinux 34.0

To download the latest 4MLinux 33.0, visit the below links to grab the ISO copy and run it via Live USB for installation.


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