How to Force Auto Dark Mode in Chrome and Chromium

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Here’s how you can force dark mode in Chrome and Chromium for all websites.

Many users prefer dark mode while browsing websites. All the time.

However, most of the users prefer dark mode during the night and light mode during the day.

Dark mode in websites is an option which the website itself should provide. Most of the time, it’s handled by the website’s CSS and usually comes with a toggle button. However, at debugpoint – we do have a dark mode toggle switch.

But most of the websites don’t have dark mode enabled. Google Chrome and all Chromium-based web browser feature a flag where you can force dark mode for all websites, all the time.

Here’s how to enable it.

Force dark mode in Chrome and all similar browsers

  • Open the following address in Google Chrome and Chromium.
  • Search for “dark” in the search bar.
  • You should see an option “auto dark mode for web contents”, which is set to default.
Enable the dark mode option in Chrome
Enable the dark mode option in Chrome
  • Change the option to “Enabled”.
  • And finally, restart Chrome. You should now see all the websites are in dark mode.

Remember, this feature is under experiments. Hence the outcome may vary. Chrome inverts the colour profile using its logic and gives you a dark-themed website. For example, it inverts black to white and forces the background black.

All the websites that follow proper & modern web standards should work fine.

For other Chromium-based browsers

Since this is part of the Chromium code base, you should have this option for all similar browsers.

For Microsoft Edge, use the following address and search for the same option.


Brave users, use below:


Suppose you are using the above browsers in Linux distributions with GNOME desktop. In that case, I recommend enabling a dark theme for the distribution and setting the following option in Chrome to “use GTK”.

Use GTK Theme for better experience
Use GTK Theme for better experience

This will allow a better look.

Reset option

If you want to return to the previous settings, open the above address and change the option to “default”. And then restart Chrome and other browsers.

Wrapping Up

Finally, refer to this guide for more customization, such as making the right-click menu, address bar and hamburger menu of Chrome dark. Here I explained how to install several extensions to improve the dark mode experience in Chrome and other browsers.



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