How to Enable Dark Mode in Web Browser

This guide is about guiding you how to enable dark mode in popular web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium and Microsoft Edge.

We all love dark mode. Many people prefer it over standard light mode. While many desktop applications provides the dark mode natively, while some apps adapt to dark mode via desktop environment’s underlying modes.

You can not deny the fact that we all spent hours in web browser. We seldom use desktop apps (unless you are specific to a work, such as video editing, etc.). So, when you spent that many hours reading, studying in browser, you can always opt for dark mode. But, coming to web browser, things are little different.

In this guide, we give you the simple steps which you can follow to enable dark mode in Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome and Edge browser.

Enable Dark Mode in Web Browser

Enable Dark Mode in Firefox

  • Open Firefox and click on the little hamburger menu at the right-top.
  • Click Settings > Extension and Themes.
  • Select the Dark Theme and click enable. And you should see the dark mode is applied to Firefox.
Enable dark mode in Firefox
Firefox in Dark Mode
  • To revert is back, follow the same steps and select Light Theme.

Dark Mode in Chromium and Google Chrome

Chromium or Google Chrome doesn’t pre-install any dark theme by default. Hence, you need to go to Chrome Web Store and download any dark theme you want. For this guide I would recommend “Morpheon Dark” theme which is used by over a million users.

Open the Morpheon Dark theme page (below link) from Chromium web browser.

Click on Add To Chrome button. And it should be enabled in Chrome.

You may want to explore other Black and White or dark themes available in Chrome Web Store. Visit this page for all collection of dark themes.

However, one thing you should keep in mind that – this theme would not change the settings or context menu. Which is obvious. Because it just changes the browser window and those menus are part of operating system itself (sometimes).

Chromium Dark Theme

Follow the same steps for Google Chrome browser as well.

Edge Browser – Dark Mode

Microsoft Edge browser, however, comes with a better dark theme by default. It gives you options to use GTK+, Light and Dark mode from settings.

  • Open Edge Browser
  • Click on the three little dots at the right-top side.
  • Go to Appearance and choose Dark. And you should be all set.

This dark theme implementation of Edge is better because it changes the context menu as well as the address bar.

Edge in Dark Theme

Closing Notes

If you are an advanced user, you probably do not need this guide. You can figure it out. But we cover all the basic to advanced tutorials for all of our readers. Many new Linux users may not know how to enable dark mode in browser as well. So, that said, I hope this helps you and others. Let me know in the comment box below, if you face any trouble.