digiKam 7.1.0 is released with Canon CR3 Update and Improvements

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The digiKam team released today the digiKam 7.1.0 update to its free and open-source professional photo management and workflow software.

digiKam 7.1.0 - credit digiKam team
digiKam 7.1.0 – credit digiKam team

Coming after almost two months of the previous update which brought the deep-learning powered face detection with digiKam 7.0 release, digiKam 7.1.0 brings more improvements, application updates, and better Cannon CR3 metadata support.

Application Updates – digiKam 7.1.0

IPTC information interchange model compatibility is improved now with UTF-8 characters encoding and it now makes it possible to use extended charset everywhere in the legacy IPTC text containers.

In addition to that, a batch queue manager plugin is introduced to apply a texture over images and this is a good addition to your photo management workflow while working with a large set of files.

The said plugin also improved to fix the “hot pixels” automatically in images.

As there are hundreds of models fo digital cameras available today from multiple manufactures, it is difficult to add RAW file support frequently in photo management software. RAW files are the unprocessed or minimal processed files containing direct digital camera sensor data, and you need a complex algorithm to process those. However, digiKam always tries to be up to date to support RAW files for most of the latest cameras. With this release, the Canon CR3 model raw data support is improved via the Libdaw library.

Moreover, this release fixes 314 bugs already which is massive. The team is currently preparing for the next point release which is digiKam 7.2.0. the next point release will include the improvement face management items which are added via Google Super code events.

Download digiKam 7.1.0

Digikam provides a single executable AppImage file that you can directly download from the below link and run for all Linux distributions including IUbuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora so on.

For other downloads, options visit this page.


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