Fedora 35 – New Features and Release Details

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In this quick post, we round up the new features and updates of Fedora 35.

Fedora 35 Workstation pre-release
Fedora 35 Workstation pre-release

This post may contain outdated information. Our latest Fedora 35 release coverage is available in this page.

The final installment of Fedora of 2021 is due soon. Most of the features are almost final. At this time, testing is in progress for this new release. If you are hoping for big updates and all, well, don’t get your hopes high. This release is a moderate one, mostly fixing bugs and updating the packages in a nutshell.

Fedora 35 is scheduled to be released as per the following timeline.


Fedora 35 releases on November 2, 2021.

Beta release on September 14, 2021

Fallback BETA date#1 September 21, 2021

Fallback BETA date#2 September 28, 2021

Final release on November 2, 2021.

Additional Details that Impacts Schedule

Fedora 35 – New Features

The default Fedora 35 workstation edition would feature the GNOME 41 version. GNOME 41 brings many new features, which we covered here. Here’s a quick summary of what GNOME 41 is bringing to the table.

  • Inclusion of libadwaita in GNOME bringing some cool UI features and easier porting of extension to GTK4
  • Revamped GNOME Software
  • Power profiles access from system tray menu (details below)
  • New panel ‘Multitasking’ in settings
  • Revamped calculator
  • And many new fixes and improvements since GNOME 40.

This release Fedora Kinoite as a variant of Fedora alongside Fedora Silverblue. Fedora Kinoite is an immutable distribution, features KDE Plasma. It is exactly like Silverblue, only difference is it features KDE instead of GNOME.

Note: You can not get .ISO yet for Kinoite. If you want to try this out, read the doc here. All you have to do is install Silverblue and run some commands to pull Kinoite.

Fedora workstation edition will include Power Profile Daemon by default. You can now choose between performance and optimal batter usage via UI settings. This landed in Kernel a while back, it is just the UI to expose those settings. Note that KDE Plasma 5.23 would also include this.

PHP 8.0 is included in this release.

The PipeWire session manager is now managed by WirePlumber manager (from Collabora).

This release removes Python 3.5 (EOL Sep 2020) dependencies completely.

Package version upgrades

The tool chain and underlying packages are updated as per their latest stable version. Summary:

  • Binutils 2.36
  • gcc 11
  • glibc 2.34
  • binutils 2.37
  • gdb 10.2
  • Perl 5.34
  • Node.js 16.x
  • Python 3.10
  • RPM 4.17

Desktop Edition updates

Apart from GNOME and KDE Plasma, other desktops are remains same in this release compared to earlier Fedora 34. Because there is no release for those. Here’s a quick list of the versions you get for respective desktops.

Download Fedora 35 (pre-release)

If you want to test and experiments, you can download the .ISO copy from the below links. This is absolutely a pre-release version and may be unstable. So, use with caution.

Type.ISO to download (64 bit)
Workstation (GNOME)Click here
All Spins (KDE, Xfce, LXQT, LXDE, i3 etc)Click here
All others (Kinoite, Silverblue, Cloud, Container)Click here

Closing Notes

Fedora 35 is a mundane yet significant release this is. Sometimes, the under-the-hood changes are necessary. Because these releases are the stepping stones for something bigger in the future. Also, you get the latest Kernel, the latest GNOME and packages – what else you can expect right? A perfect distribution for developers, users and other use cases.


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