Firefox 70 Released. Here’s What’s New.

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The latest edition of Firefox 70 brings more privacy focused changes and it is here to help you and be safe while surfing the web.

The popular web browser Mozilla Firefox pushed the release of version 70 with some “first time” features in a web browser contesting with other popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Edge. 

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox browser has a target this year building privacy focused features. Keeping that in mind, Mozilla pushed the latest release with more features outlined below.

Firefox 70 - Web Browser
Firefox 70 – Web Browser

What’s new in Firefox 70

In the earlier release, which featured the blocking of third party cookies and tracking – have blocked 450 billion tracking requests till date – Mozilla said in the blog post.

Armed with the Enhanced Tracking Protection features, Firefox 70 introduced a free report depicting the number of third-party and social media trackers blocked. As Firefox handles all the blocking behind the scene, this report gives users a glance on how much Firefox is blocking when you browse the web.

Here’s how it looks.

Firefox 70 - Privacy Protection
Firefox 70 – Privacy Protection

Firefox Monitor – which is a service offered by Firefox to check whether your email address and password is part of any global data breach! Now with Firefox 70, you can see number of unsafe password and accounts are part of any breach – so that you can take action to change passwords.

Firefox Lockwise which is a service to manage your online account login credentials now have a dedicated dashboard to show number of password safely stored in Lockwise. Firefox 70 also added features to quickly view and change your credentials and how many devices you are syncing with Firefox.

It also introduced a strong password generator on the fly which you can generate and store in Lockwise – never have to remember the complex passwords.

To access the newly added features, simple download/install/upgrade Firefox 70 (download instructions below) and on the address bar click the shield icon. On the popup menu, click on the show report to go the privacy dashboard.

Alternatively, you can type in below in address bar to go.

about: protections

Lastly, this release introduced a new Firefox Logo featuring a minimal fox with changed color palette.

How to Download

If you are using Ubuntu 19.10, 18.04 LTS and its derivatives, you can simply open Software Updater and run update. You will be receiving Firefox 70 update push once it is available. Alternatively, you can run below command in Ubuntu based systems to receive the official Firefox 70 updates via support channels:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

For Windows, Mac – visit the download page. In Windows, if you are already running Firefox, open Help -> About Firefox from menu and update will start downloading automatically.

Via Mozilla Blog.


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