GNOME 43 Plans to Introduce Redesigned Quick Settings

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The upcoming GNOME 43 release changes the system tray menu completely. Here’s how it looks.

Among all the attractive changes coming to GNOME 43, the redesigned quick settings menu is the most visible revamp. The quick settings or system tray menu remained the same for a long time. There were minor tweaks, such as earlier consolidation of menu items. But we never got to experience a complete overhaul before.

Complex Quick Settings View - GNOME 43
Complex Quick Settings View – GNOME 43

GNOME 43 Quick Settings

So, GNOME 43 quick settings look, menu items are changing to look below.

GNOME 43 quick settings - side-by-side view
GNOME 43 quick settings – side-by-side basic view

Firstly, the individual menu items are now more visible with “pill-shaped” buttons. These buttons perform dual functions when applied. You click on them to enable/disable the function (i.e. quick toggles). Also, if you click on the small arrow, you get additional options.

Secondly, the ‘pill-buttons’ appearance indicates whether the option is enabled or disabled by changing its colour.

The submenu, which opens up after you bring up more settings for a function, can draw itself on top of the earlier menu items. This eliminates another additional click.

Another interesting change which I feel is super helpful is the active indicator of privacy-related functions. For example, if an app currently uses your mic or you are having a screen-sharing session with your colleagues/friends, the quick settings give you additional colour identification to appraise you.

In addition, the batter indicator is also coming up as more descriptive inside the quick settings menu with an icon and the available power capacity.

When the quick settings would be available?

The merge request is currently open (MR 2392) as of publishing this page.

What does that mean?

It means that GNOME devs and contributors will test and review the changes in design and functionality. So, I guess in a few weeks, it might get merged.

GNOME 43 release candidate and hard code freeze due a month from now, i.e. September 3rd, 2022. If all goes well, it should be available for you to test via GNOME nightly OS.

Here are the mock-up images and sample videos (credit to the GNOME team) to treat your eyes which I organized in a single place.

A caution note is that all these are still subject to change in the final release.

  • quick-toggles-4
  • Quick toggles -2
  • Quick toggles -1
  • Complex Quick Settings View - GNOME 43
  • GNOME 43 quick settings - side-by-side view
Video and images: Credit Gnome team

Does it resemble anything?

Do you remember when I reviewed dahliaOS earlier based on Google’s Fuchsia operating system? When I first saw these mock-ups, I remember they looked somewhat similar to dahliaOS’s tray menu. See below. Although it’s at the bottom and looks a little wider – you can see the resemblance.

System Tray
System Tray of dahliaOS



If you ask me, I guess it’s refreshing and probably a long due. An overall nice and intuitive design requires no additional learning from the new users. Finally, GNOME 43 is shaping to be a powerful release after all.

Now you: What do you think about this design change that impacts all the users? Let’s discuss in the comment box.


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