Connections: A New Remote Desktop Client for GNOME

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A new and modern remote desktop client for GNOME named “Connections” is announced.

GNOME Connection
GNOME Connection

Expected to be available in upcoming GNOME 3.38, ‘Connections’ is a modern remote desktop client built on top of the code base of GNOME Boxes, gtk-vnc and gtk-frdp.

As per the announcement, the current remote desktop viewer for GNOME – Vinagre will be sunset slowly and to be replaced by this new application ‘Connections’. Vinagre currently in maintenance mode and will not be updated with features.

The Connections will be modern and feature-loaded, adding up more features than the current virtual machine manager GNOME Boxes, and it would also follow the Human Interface Guideline of GNOME. It supports rdp:// and vnc:// protocol at the moment.

New RDP connection
New RDP connection


The application is very early in development and has a basic connection setup. It is available as a Flatpak package at the moment. If you want, you can grab the package via below after setting up your system for FlatPak packages.

If you want to contribute in the project or find any bug, visit the project in GitLab.

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