KDE Plasma Desktop 5.18.5 Released with 50+ Changes

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The fifth point release KDE Plasma is here. And it brings stability, bug fixes, and KDE application updates.

KDE Neon Desktop
KDE Neon Desktop

KDE Plasma desktop environment 5.18 released on Feb 2020 with many refinements and features. Recently KDE Plasma released the latest 5.18.5 version which is a bugfix point release and contains under the hood bug fixes.

Although the majority of the fixes in KDE Plasma 5.18.5 is for stability and fixes crashes, however, these are some of the important changes picked up from the changelog.

KDE Plasma Desktop 5.18.5 – Updates

  • Wayland: Fix teardown order and avoid potential crash when checking for window inhibitions on desktop change.
  • Discover: Detect Vivaldi based on the binary name.
  • Notifications: Don’t show do not disturb end date beyond 100 days
  • Wallpaper: Fix thumbnail generation when the model is reloaded in-flight.


If you are running the latest Kubuntu 20.04 or KDE Neon, you can get the update easily. Open Discover and click on check for updates and you should see the latest update is available. Click on Update all to complete the installation.

Alternatively, you can download a fresh Kubuntu or KDE Neon to experience the latest KDE Plasma desktop environment 5.18.5.


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