Major Productivity Boost! KDE Brings KCommandBar for KDE Applications

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A new HUD-Style pop-up menu called KCommandBar is introduced by the KDE team that will change the game on how you interact with KDE apps. Let’s take a look.

I’m not sure whether these “HUD-Style” Pop-ups are a trend. It seems everyone is introducing it. A few days back LibreOffice introduced a similar pop-up Command Search option which in my opinion is going to revolutionize LibreOffice usage across user groups. And now we have a simple feature which when merged can bring automatic KCommandBar hud-style feature search inside all KDE Applications.

KCommandBar in KDE Apps

KCommandBar in KDE
KCommandBar in KDE

The KCommandBar, when activates, can pop up a text-based searchable window. You can search all actions of that application via KCommandBar and the results can be invoked immediately. It’s like a KRunner inside applications. Amazing isn’t it? No need to remember all the shortcuts, menu items, or options. All you need to do is launch KCommandBar and type your desired option and lauch.

Here’s a video of KCommandBar in action.

Credit: KDE team.

This feature is automatically introduced in all KDE applications that use QWidgets and the KXMLGui framework, which almost all major KDE apps use anyway. So, basically, all of your old apps suddenly get a feature boost!

The feature is currently open and not yet merged.

Along with this feature, many bug fixes and updates are pouring in for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.22 release, which is in Beta as of writing this guide. KDE Plasma 5.22 brings moderate feature updates across KDE Plasma desktop and modules. Major updates include Adaptive transparency in panels, Audio applet improvements, offline updates, and more.

I am not sure whether this feature would land in KDE Plasma 5.22. However, it should definitely land in the next KDE Application release. KDE Plasma is due to release in June 2021.

You can read our KDE Plasma 5.22 coverage here.

Closing Notes

This is why KDE Plasma, by far is the most advanced Linux Desktop today. With all these productive feature landings and the best developer around, maybe one day KDE Plasma conquer the Linux Desktop user base. ?️


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