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It was on my list to write a short review about Linux Lite OS in a bit of detail for some time. So, here’s a review of one of the best alternative OS for older hardware – Linux Lite 5.2.

Linux Lite OS

Linux Lite Desktop 5.2
Linux Lite Desktop 5.2

Linux lite OS is based on Ubuntu and comes with a super lightweight Xfce desktop environment. It follows Ubuntu’s Long Term Support (LTS) release cycle. That means, Linux Lite OS also releases a major version in five years following the Ubuntu release cadence.

With that said, it is a stable distribution which has long term support with 32-bit ISO. There is not many Linux distribution which provides 32-bit ISO today. Linux Lite is one of them. This is one of many advantages of this Linux Distribution over others. But there is a catch. The 32-bit Linux Lite OS is currently available for the 3.x series only based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS which is supported until April 2021.

Xfce used as the default user interface for Linux Lite with modification. This gives a lightweight nature to your desktop while being productive. The Xfce is modified to accommodate dark mode, themes specially designed for Linux Lite.

Linux Lite pre-loads all necessary applications, unlike vanilla Ubuntu flavor. It comes with VLC, GIMP, CD/DVD burner, LibreOffice office suites, and many more applications pre-loaded.

Not only those basic ones, a glance on the application list also shows a wide range of software available with its default installation. For example, there are utilities for quick system information, driver installation, disk partition, and many more.

Major application list in Linux Lite 5.2

GIMP – Advanced Image Editing
VLC – Media Player
GParted – Disk Partition Tool
Firefox – Web Browser
Thunderbird – Email Client
LibreOffice – Office Suite
GNOME Paint – Quick Image Editing
Shotwell – Image Management and Viewer
Xfburn – CD/DVD Burner
Synaptic Package Manager
Catfish File Search

Linux Lite also provides its curated application list as well. Here’s a screenshot of the applications specifically available with Linux Lite.

List of Linux Lite specific applications
List of Linux Lite specific applications

Linux Lite includes two applications for Software install. It comes with its Lite Software which gives you a list of software to install and remove with a click of a button. And the one and only Synaptic package manager which is already awesome for users.

The application list reminds me of the MX Linux Xfce edition. Many pre-installed applications are the same as MX Linux distribution. Although MX Linux and Linux Lite are a bit different fundamentally. MX Linux is based on Debian with AnTIX and Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu LTS versions with GTK. In that sense, I feel MX Linux is more stable (for Debian based) in terms of the overall stability of the distribution if you are using it as a daily driver. You may disagree. But again, Linux Lite has an advantage as it is using the latest Kernel and packages based on Ubuntu LTS versions.

The current major version of Linux Lite is the 5.0 series which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. A second point release Linux Lite 5.2 introduced with Ubuntu 20.04.1 a while back with some major changes.

Linux Lite 5.2 – What’s added

  • Linux Lite 5.2 based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 so you get all the latest Kernel updates and upstream packages. Along with that, it brings some major updates as well.
  • Linux Lite 5.2 introduces Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the Lite Software which you can install with the click of a button. Also, SimpleScreenRecorder is included by default.
  • Lite Widget and Firewall are now managed from Settings Manager.
    The Lite widget now displays Laptop battery status when used in Laptop.
  • Added more screensaver and wallpapers.
  • A Taskbar Restore feature added to Lite Tweaks.
  • Adobe Flash is completely removed from Linux Lite 5.2 and it can not be installed from Restricted Extras.
  • Other notable changes to this second point release include new wallpapers, a transparent gub menu, updated UEFI files for the build process.

Minimum System requirement

Here’s a quick minimum system requirement for Linux Lite.

  • CPU: 1Ghz processor
  • RAM: 768mb ram
  • STORAGE: 8gb
  • RESOLUTION: VGA screen 1024×768 resolution
  • MEDIA: DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

As you can see, it can run well in very low-end hardware.

Download Linux Lite

You can download Linux Lite all latest versions using the below link where. ISO and torrent files are available including 32-bit .iso.

Closing Notes

With these pre-installed applications, lightweight in nature, it is quite obvious that this distribution is ideal for beginner Linux users who are probably migrating from Windows. A perfect Windows replacement distribution for beginners with Ubuntu at its base. This distribution is a perfect blend of the latest packages with stability – ideal for productive daily use.


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