Linux Weekly Roundup: Manjaro 21.0, GNOME 40, and More

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Here’s this week’s weekly roundup (Week Ending Mar 28, 2021) series, filtered for you from the Linux and the open-source world on application updates, new releases, distribution updates, major news, and upcoming highlights. Have a look.

This week, many mainstream Linux distributions and desktop brings out their latest major release. On the other side, we see Kernel updates for the ongoing stable series and upcoming release as well. Also, a handful of application sees their bug fix updates.

Weekly Roundup March 28, 2021
Weekly Roundup March 28, 2021 Linux Weekly Roundup

Featured Story

You may be wondering how obsolete Snap packages takes up more disk space in your disk. We give you a quick tip on how you can free up some additional disk space in your Ubuntu and Other Linux systems.

Read the story

Kernel Updates

Linux Kernel 5.12 RC4 released

Linux Kernel 5.12 is slowly moving towards the final release on April 2021. The fourth release candidate looks stable.

Release announcement

Linux Kernel 5.11.10 Stable

Linux Kernel 5.11.10 Stable released with very minimal changes, mostly to remove certain warnings.

Release announcement | Source

Desktop and Distribution Updates


The GNOME team announced the release of GNOME 40 with a completely different activity view and many more advanced UI tweaks. Take a look at the coverage.

Fedora 34 Beta

The upcoming release of Fedora Linux 34 Beta is here. It brings the latest packages, brand new desktop environments, a new i3 window manager spin, and more. Download and test now. Read the story.

4MLinux 36.0 Released

The latest stable release of 4M Linux version 36.0 is here. This release brings several updated packages across “4M”s – for both desktop and server versions.

Release announcement | Download 64bit .iso

Ubuntu 21.04 new wallpaper released

Ubuntu 21.04 – Hirsute Hippo new wallpaper is revealed. Download the high-res version from here.

Porteus Kiosk 5.2 Released

Gentoo-based Linux distribution Porteus Kiosk 5.2 released. This is a Linux distribution that runs on Kiosk machines with limited functionality like browsing the internet only. This release brings Linux Kernel 5.10.5, Google Chrome 87.0, and many more updates.

Release announcement | Download

Tails 4.17 release

The Debian-based anonymous Live system Tails 4.17 released. This is a maintenance release of this series that brings minor updates.

Release announcement | Download

Manjaro 21.0 Released

The Arch Linux-based distribution Manjaro 21.0 is released. This major stable version brings the latest KDE Plasma 5.21, Xfce 4.16, GNOME 3.38, Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS.

Release annoucement | Download : GNOME KDE Xfce

Debian 10.9 Released

The latest stable Debian 10.9 “Buster” is available with security fixes, patches. Update your system.

Release announcement | Change log | Download

KDE Plasma – weekly updates

A bunch of fixes to the KDE Plasma 5.21 comes this week to the KDE Neon edition. A new settings summary page was also introduced which would come in the next 5.22 release. Read more here.

Application Releases

Edge for Linux

Microsoft Edge for Linux (dev build) now enables the sign-in and sync features along with vertical tabs. Now you can log in with your Microsoft account and sync data across devices. Read the story.


qBittorrent released. This release drops support for Ubuntu 18.04 and brings many bug fixes as well. Release announcement | Download

GNU Emacs 27.2 release

The Emacs text editor sees a new release with updates and fixes. Release announcement.

Firefox 87

Firefox 87 released with improved private browsing and tracking protection. Release announcement.

Krita 4.4.3 released

Krita 4.4.3 released. This is mostly a bug fix minor release. Release announcement.

digiKam 7.2.0

digiKam 7.2.0 released many new improvements and bug fixes. Release announcement | Download

Calibre 5.14 released

As usual, the e-book management app Calibre sees another minor release this week. It is very active in development. Release announcement | Download

Thunderbird 78.9

Thunderbird 78.9 was released in the stable channel with mostly bug fixes. Release announcement | Download

So, that’s about this from this week’s roundup. You can read all the past roundups using the tag Weekly Roundup and browse around. Don’t forget to follow us via Telegram and social media channels.

As always, if I missed something this week that happened, please let me know in the comment box below.


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