Nano 8.0 is here with effective new features

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Learn about the new features of the nano 8.0 major release.

The console text editor GNU nano 8.0 has been released, and it brings features that will definitely make your text editing experience efficient. Nano is the default editor in many user distributions, and it’s a popular choice for developers for quick editing without any fuss.

Let’s briefly recap the new features of this version.

Nano 8.0: What’s New


One of the most significant updates in nano 8.0 is the addition of modern bindings, which activates an alternative set of basic hotkeys. With the “–modernbindings” command-line option, you can now use hotkeys such as CTRL+Q to exit, CTRL+X to transfer to the clipboard, CTRL+C to copy, and CTRL+V to paste. These hotkeys make it easier to navigate and manage your text files, and they’re a welcome addition for users who prefer a more intuitive editing experience.

Navigation and search

Nano 8.0 introduces improved navigation and marking features that will make it easier to move around and manage your text files. You can now use and to move the cursor to the first or last line within the current visible area, maintaining the horizontal position. Additionally, the ‘M-” hotkey is now used to set and remove a mark, and ‘M-” moves to the next mark. These enhancements make it easier to navigate and manage your text files.

The search functionality has received a significant boost in nano 8.0. You can now use CTRL+F to start a forward search and CTRL+B to start a reverse search. The MF and MB hotkeys repeat forward and reverse searches, making it easier to find specific text within your files.

Nano 8.0
Nano 8.0

Colour Scheme, Mouse handling

In terms of aesthetics, nano 8.0 introduces a new colour scheme. Specifying equal colour components in #RGB values (e.g., “#555”) is now mapped to xterm grayscale, allowing for 14 levels of gray instead of the previous 4. This means you’ll have more flexibility when customizing your editor’s appearance.

When an error occurs, the keystroke buffer is cleared to stop macro execution, preventing any potential issues. This ensures that your editing workflow remains uninterrupted, even in the face of errors.

The mouse wheel now scrolls the visible area rather than moving the cursor. This makes it easier to navigate large files and reduces the risk of accidentally moving the cursor.


Other notable features in nano 8.0 include the ability to jump to a specific line number in a file when opening a file with the command “nano filename:number” in addition to the previously supported option “+N” (“nano +number filename”). This makes it easier to navigate to specific sections of your text files.


Most of the Linux distributions will get this version within a few weeks from now. You can get this version via the usual distribution upgrade channel.

Wrapping up

Overall, it’s a good update considering millions of users use this editor every day. It is one of the best terminal-based editors there is.

We hope to get more exciting features in the coming days, while maintaining the lightweight nature.

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