NoMachine – A remote desktop client for Ubuntu

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NoMachine is a great remote desktop client for everybody that can be used to connect any computer remotely over the internet.

NoMachine 4 is released with more features and bug fixes. Here is a summary from its official page.

  • Seamless resource sharing and extended device redirection: connect disks, printers, USB devices and more from remote to locale and vice-versa.
  • Built-in record & play: record activities inside the session or on the physical desktop, save them on your own PC and play back using NoMachine’s own player.
  • The Monitor application in the system tray:  check who is connected to your desktop, transfer files between computers, and get fast-track access to the server settings user-interface.
  • The Menu Panel: during the remote session, control display and audio settings, connect devices, print, initiate session recording and much more.
  • The NX network service: connect sessions via SSL-encrypted NX protocol and take advantage of UDP multimedia communication for data streaming.
  • Server failover and multinode support: federate Enterprise Desktops and Enterprise Nodes under Enterprise Server and create a cluster with a secondary passive server ready to replace the active one in case of failure.
  • A portal for connections via the web: Portal Server gives access to multiple Enterprise Servers via the browser from a single URL.

How to install

Download packge from below links:
Click Here

Run cd ~/Downloads
Run sudo dpkg -i nomachine_4.3.30_1_i386


Search for ‘nomachine’ from dash.
Or, Applications -> Internet -> NoMachine

NOMACHINE running in Ubuntu
NOMACHINE running in Ubuntu

How to uninstall NoMachine

To uninstall run below command from terminal:
sudo dpkg -r nomachine

Official Links

Image Credits

NoMachine Screenshot, Logo Credit: NoMachine
Ubuntu Logo: Canonical


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