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Linux Feed Reader, a.k.a Liferea, is a simple feed reader with all the needed features available in Ubuntu.

Feature summary of Liferea:

  • Import and export OPML files
  • Searching inside feeds
  • Grouping of feeds by folders
  • View change
  • Font size control
  • Bulk Refresh
  • Play Podcasts
  • Read articles when offline

How to install

To install Liferea stable version, run below command from a terminal:

sudo apt-get install liferea


Search for ‘liferea’ from the Application menu.
Or, Applications -> Internet -> Liferea Feed Reader

Liferea Feed Reader - Ubuntu
Liferea Feed Reader

How to uninstall Liferea

To uninstall Liferea, run the below command from the terminal:
sudo apt-get remove liferea

Official Links

Image Credits

Liferea Screenshot, Logo Credit: Liferea
Ubuntu Logo: Canonical


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